Books we already have to many to read
Yes, its true that in school time we already have to many to read but this book have no meaning untill you understand the reality.
I always suggest my students to read 10 pages daily.
This doesn’t helps in physics or chemistry, but it will definitely help you to handle the situation when you have less marks.
BTW marks are a piece of paper, its you who makes it valuable.
Here i found some self help book that i have read and missed that i could have known this in my school days.

01 ready, study, go.

This is the book that student must read because it has all the secret that you must apply in your life to achieve more.
I read it because i wanted to help my students in class so that they can attend the height in there life.

02 the alchemist

This is not about chemistry at all so don’t be confused with your subject.
This about is all about journey in your life and following your dreams.
And its you have the highest potential to achieve in your life.

03 the richest man in Babylon

In life we always need money as medium of convince to achieve our goal. Most people starts saving when they are 30+ and some other people never saved anything for there bad days.
This book will help you understand the compound effect more thoroughly.
Earlier you start saving and investing, earlier you will be millionaire.

04 think and grow rich

This is book that everyone must read irrespective of time and age. this the book that is not bounded by time. it will work in same way for everyone.

this is best and First self-help book that is read by me.

i will definitely going to help you in achieving your dreams.

Read it for free click here


05 The Power of your subconscious mind

this book is about how to use your mind and thought to move you forward in your life. this book is all about subconscious mind, this principle are known by very few people across the globe

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Top 5 self help book that every student must read in school days

Which one you like the most?

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