The Monkey Trap Story: Power Of Letting Go!

Monkey-hunters use a box with an opening at the top, big enough for the monkey to slide its hand in. Inside the box are nuts. The monkey grabs the nuts and now its hand becomes a fist. The monkey tries to get its hand out but the opening is only big enough for the hand to slide in, it’s not large enough for a fist to come back out. Now the monkey has a choice, either to let go off the nuts and be free forever or hang on to the nuts and get caught. Guess what it picks every time? You guessed it. He hangs on to the nuts and gets caught. … Are we humans any different in this regard? We all hang on to some nuts that keep us from moving forward in life. We keep rationalizing it by saying, “I cannot do this because . . .” and whatever comes after “because” are just the nuts that we are hanging on to which hold us back.

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