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My Dear Friends, I am Kapil Rajak, Graduated from the National Institute of Technology Warangal in mechanical engineering in the year 2014. I have completed my schooling at Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalaya Rajgarh.

After my formal education, I (Kapil Rajak) have joined a job in Banglore in Applied Materials Inc. There I have given my service for two and half a year.

In Between, I have done a job in Applied Materials Inc. San Francisco, the USA for a month (went twice).

Applied Materials is an MNC based in Semiconductor Industry. One the finest in its field and pioneer.

After I decided I will do something different. so I came back to Biaora and joined the school as a chemistry Teacher in IPS school and started my coaching classes Tesla Academy.

After that, I taught in Manas higher secondary school Biaora, Vivekanand Academy and Progressive Height school Biaora.

I used to teach guitar and web design also to my students.

Nowadays, I am doing the most beautiful business called network marketing with my Great team and Uplines.

So after all this introduction, there is a question that always pops up in my mind. That when I was well established in my career so why I had quit my job?

And now I am doing the business which has thousands of reasons for not doing it and only one reason that I have come into this business.

I wasn’t resisted at well when this opportunity came to me. I thought it could be a life-changing opportunity for me. And I have decided to make a career as network marketers.

Yes, there is a lot of rejections that I have to handle every day. But I still thankful to God for giving me such a great opportunity that I can learn as well as I can earn.

The reality is that I don’t do a job for my complete life. I have a dream and I want to fulfil it.

So lets start the journey……. In this whole blog series i am going to share with you the life of network marketers and my learning and earning.

Lessons of my life

1. Opportunity

Opportunity has a sly habit of slipping in by the back door, and often it comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat. Perhaps this is why so many fail to recognize the opportunity.

Napolean Hills

One of My favourite author for the self-help book category. He is the one whose book I have read the first time in my life.

Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hills

I went to Delhi to meet my buddies and there I have found a book Think and Grow rich‘ in Sagar Khiyani’s apartment. When I came back to Biaora. I read it and found it very interesting. I started regretting that why I haven’t read any book which belongs to the self-help category so far. I have just wasted 26 years in my life without knowing that there are lots of books which can boost you up in your life and your career. And all this time I used to think that I know a lot of things.

2. What to do with life Kapil Rajak, tell me.

this is the very common and very essential question that comes to everyone mind that what I should do with this life?

  • Should I continue my Mechanical Engineer career?
  • Should I start coaching classes?
  • Should I prepare for the government examination?
  • Should I start my business?
  • Should I continue my masters and doctorate?

I wasn’t having a clear answer to this question so the time of my life slipping by my hand.

without any clarity, I have started a coaching class at Tesla Academy for IITJEE mains Preparation and it was a big failure(learning) for me. I have continued this for three years with a loss-making venture for me. And went deep down in my life in debts.

it wasn’t like that, that I can not make it profitable. The thing is that I was trying to make it to the wrong place. because demographics of place matters and makes a lot of difference in any business.

and then I found a beautiful self-help book ‘IKIGAI’. And it brought a lot of changes with it.

Slowly the mystery started fading away from my eyes I knew what I want to do because the list of my books has been increased and read books like ‘how to influence people and win friends’ by dale Carnegie, ‘Goal‘ by Brain Tracy and the most powerful ‘The power of your subconscious mind’ and many more.

Now I knew that I am kapil rajak and I want to be a motivational speaker, but don’t know how? So I continue my teaching profession. I used to listen to Dr Vivek Bindra, Sonu Sharma.

But still, I didn’t have a clear idea that what should I do to become a successful motivational speaker. So I kept reading self-help books. I started gathering information but it is of no use until I use it practical world. So I need a platform to explore my self.

I found books are the best tool that can shape you in the desired form. You have to clear about the category of book you are picking up.

Once I got a call from my JNV senior, about the opportunity. I thought it is for a coaching class. still, we have fixed appointment for next day evening. And there comes the opportunity for network marketing, unexpected.

At that time wasn’t having a big amount of money with me so postponed the joining for next week. Since I have invested all my money into coaching class.

They kept following up and took me to jhalawar in a program. There I have found that a lot of people are doing this business and succeeded in their life. Above this all they are on the stage. And that was the perfect platform for me to become a Motivational speaker.

Somehow I took the loan from Bank and joined the business. This time I found that once you convinced then money do not matter.

to be Continue……..

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