There is a story of a hunter who goes to the edge of the woods, closes his eyes, and shoots his rifle into the forest. He then turns to his friend and says, “I sure hope something good runs into that!”

That is how too many people live their lives. They throw themselves at life, like a dog chasing a passing car, seldom catching anything. Most people go through their lives without goals, doing the best they can and just hoping something good will happen to them. But hope is not a strategy. It is a recipe for
failure, if not disaster.achieve

For you to maximize your time, to enjoy the greatest quantity and quality of riches and rewards, you need to take time regularly to think about your goals, especially when you’re experiencing turbulence and rapid change. You need to become intensely goal oriented. Setting goals, making plans, and organizing your life around the things you really want to do and have are the greatest time management tools of all.

Goal setting and personal strategic planning require that you step back and take some time off, away from interruptions and distractions. You then answer several key questions to ensure that what you are doing on the outside is consistent with the person you are on the inside and in harmony with what you really want to achieve.

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