About Us

Hello Friends

I am maintaining this website and i have created this website initially for myself so that I can save Inspirational stories which motivates me everyday.

Than I realize its good for sharing informations among the friends also.

I have habits of reading books and making notes of it. so I figured it out that keeping notes on website is quite helpful I can access it anytime anywhere.

I am sharing some of the notes with you also. you can use it. whenever time and situation permits you. learning is a process which you should never stop in your life. so keep learning keep growing. life is small and there are too much to learn

this is one idea that I have found that could be future tomorrow.

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7 Books that everyone must read

  1. Business school
  2. Cash flow quadrant
  3. The Business of 21st century
  4. Goals
  5. Eat that Frog
  6. Kiss that frog
  7. The 21 Success Secrets of Self- Made Millionaires

There are many other books that will help you to improve you can check it here